robot Lily @ the  eurobot competition

Team members:
Robert Kovacs
Milan Romic
Albert Nemet
Petar Franciskovic
Ivana Senk
Szabolcs Horvat
Vojislav Milivojevic

Eurobot is an annual robotic competition organized by Planet Science. The objective of the competition is to build fully autonomous robots which are completing different skillful tasks on a structured playing area, competing against each other.

Our team Lily won the 1st place at the Serbian national competition in 2008 and earned 3rd place in 2010. Our robot also won 1st place at the Eurobot North Star edition in Sankt Petersburg in 2008.

The rules of the competition are changing every year, therefore our robot was evolving every time. Our key design principle was the simple and functional design.

custom driver board and algorithm

During the years we have developed our own motor driver electronics, odometric positioning system, computer vision and path finding algorithm.

testing in the lab:

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