Monitoring the Activity of European Rollers During the Nesting Period*
Robert Kovacs, David Grabovac 

*independent research project

The aim of this research project is monitoring the behavior of the European roller (lat. Coracias Garrulus) in artificial cavities during the nesting period. Monitoring the behavior of animals, especially endangered species, is of great importance for their protection. European Roller is a highly endangered species (IUCN NT status). On the territory of Vojvodina, Serbia currently there are just around 110 pairs.
The proposed device records the number of the entries-exits of the birds through the cavity hole, using an optical gate sensor. Every record has time stamp accompanied with the actual temperature data. The records are stored on a memory card. The device is battery powered and designed to be fully autonomous during the nesting period (approx. two months).

photo Arno Meintjes

photos David Grabovac


After the nesting period, we analysed the collected data. We recorded extremely high activity during the feeding period, of about 1500-2000 entries per day. One of the most interesting finding was the high overnight activity of the birds, what was not noted yet in the literature.

Day activity

Night activity

The project was realized in cooperation with the ornithologist association Riparia from Subotica, Serbia.
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