pendulum tuning by Turcsány Villő

Róbert Kovács - motion system
Orsolya Vadász - architect
Gina Portolányi - studio work
Gergely Eörtzen Nagy - sculpture and media work
Zsolt Hernádi,  Jenő Sprencz - metal casting
István Drabik - metal works

Museum Kiscell / Municipal Picture Gallery Temple space, Budapest, Hungary
November 29, 2012 – January 20, 2013

The sculptures are suspended at the highest point of the temple space, allowing them to make pendulum movements. Their design represents advancement against the physical drag. The pendulums’ paths develop a moving structure and create a rhythm; they are constantly changing and thus re-tune the space of the viewer. The installation makes an attempt to change the personal perception of time.

. . from Villo Turcsany

. . . . from Villo Turcsany on Vimeo.

Four pendulum sculptures are hanging from the rooftop of temple space from approximately 25 m height. The mechanical system is actuated by four geared DC motors and pulleys, which are controlled by a central microprocessor unit.
The software controls the spatial choreography, determining the rhythm and intensity of each of the four sculpture’s movement in a 32' min cycle.

photo Judit Katalin Elek

photo Gergely Eörtzen Nagy

photo Gergely Eörtzen Nagy

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