róbert kovács

phd candidate at the hasso plattner institut - human computer interaction lab with prof. patrick baudisch

my main research focus is on fabrication systems that help non-engineers to build structurally sound large-scale mechanisms that involve human scale forces. 


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UIST 2020 full paper

Haptic PIVOT: On-Demand Handhelds in VR

Robert Kovacs, Eyal Ofek, Mar Gonzalez Franco, Alexa Fay Siu, Sebastian Marwecki, Christian Holz, Mike Sinclair
(Microsoft Research)

PIVOT is a wrist-worn haptic device that renders virtual objects into the user’s hand on demand. Its simple design comprises a single actuated joint that pivots a haptic handle into and out of the user’s hand, rendering the haptic sensations of grasping, catching, or throwing an object – anywhere in space .

2020 CHI paper “virtual reality without vision” with alexa f. siu awarded with honorable mention

2019 summer internship at Microsoft Research redmond lab  with mike sinclair

main research focus: large-scale personal fabrication

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haptic interfaces for blind users

haptic feedback in virtual reality

cyber security

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