róbert kovács

phd candidate with prof. patrick baudisch at the hasso plattner institute

I’m working on bringing engineering skills closer to everyday people by creating software systems that encapsulate domain knowledge from the fields of civil-engineering, mechanical engineering and robotics.



research focus: large-scale personal fabrication

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Patching Physical Objects

UIST ‘15 Alexander Teibrich, Stefanie Mueller, François Guimbretière, Robert Kovacs, Stefan Neubert, and Patrick Baudisch Personal fabrication is currently a one-way process: once an object has been fabricated with a 3D printer, it cannot be changed anymore. In this paper, we propose a different approach: instead of re-printing the entire object from scratch, we suggest patching the existing object to reflect the next design iteration.


haptic interfaces for blind users

haptic feedback in virtual reality

cyber security

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